Why Do You Cut Curly Hair Dry?

what is a curl by curl cut

This is a common question asked by those interested in the curl community. The short answer is because we can see exactly where the hair naturally lives on the head and it allows us to cut each individual curl according to its natural fall. I have seen a huge improvement in definition in my own hair after I switched to dry curly cuts from my former wet cuts. It took some time for me to grow out all my hair that was previously sliced, diced and fried with hot tools for 10 years. Patience will see you through the difficult growing out phase before getting a dry curl-by-curl cut.

1. No Two Curls Are Alike

Many of us with naturally wavy, curly and coily hair tend to have multiple curl patterns. When our hair is wet it is very difficult to see each curl pattern and create an even length by simply cutting straight across on wet hair. A dry cut ensures that we can cut in ‘real-time’ and see where each curl ‘lives’ in its natural state. This takes the guess work out of creating a visually even shape all over.

2. Wet Hair Can Be Misleading

Our hair can look a lot longer when it is wet compared to when it is dry. Dry haircuts ensure that both the hairdresser and curly client can visually see how much hair is being removed. If you book in for a trim that is done on wet hair, there is no way of predicting how much your hair will spring up. Some curls can be weighed down as the hair becomes longer. This can change the second you release some of the weight of each curl, the spring factor can increase dramatically. You may have walked in expecting to get 2 inches of length off but walk out with a lot more length taken off than you anticipated.

3. Low Maintenance & Longevity

Dry curly haircuts are designed to grow out beautifully and maintain its shape for a long period of time. You won’t be in the salon every 6 – 8 weeks for a cut, but rather every 3 months. Some curly girls only see their curl specialists for a haircut every 6 – 12 months. It comes down to whether you feel like you need a trim or re-shape. The dry curly haircut service is accompanied by an education session which walks you through the washing and styling part of the service to ensure that you can get consistent results on your own at home.

4. Create Shapes Without Disrupting Curl Patterns

Thinning shears, razors, carving and slicing can cause curl patterns to be disrupted, thus leading to lack of definition. Curl definition is created by individual curls clumping together t. When hair is texturised, it creates strands of hair with different lengths, which means your curls will struggle to clump together.

This may result in hair that looks frizzy, but this is not the case – they are just single strands of hair that don’t know where to go. The friction between these individual strands can create fairy knots, which means it will take longer to detangle your hair every time you wash and style it.The use of these tools and techniques often result with ends that appear scraggly, almost like fish hooks and it can ruin the appearance of the overall shape of the hair.

I wanted to conclude this post by saying that there are exceptions to dry curly cuts. I have curly clients who have expressed their desire to wear their hair straight AND curly. They enjoy the versatility a good, balanced haircut can give them. In this case, I use a mix of wet and dry cutting to create the perfect shape that can be worn both curly and straight. I only agree to do these cuts if my client acknowledges and understands that their curls won’t be at their full potential, especially with overuse of hot tools.

As a curl specialist, I want to give my clients the world – but it all comes down to the canvas I am working on and how each client maintains their hair in between salon visits.