Meet the Team

Here are the stars who help Shenara focus on curls while they work their magic behind the scenes.

Curly Cristina

Curl Guide and Social Media Extraordinaire

Cristina is the passionate curly girl working behind-the-scenes with Shenara. She will be posting on social media and responding to your lovely emails and messages on Facebook and Instagram.

As Shenara’s long-time best friend and curly hair guinea pig, she has learned a lot about curly hair and has a great knowledge of products: especially Everescents & Clever Curl.

Her love for curly hair products is ever-growing and she is an avid curl product collector. (High five if you can relate).

Keep an eye out for amazing curl tips and tricks curated by Cristina & Shenara.

Brodie the Husband

Excellent Husband & Product Packager

Brodie is Shenara’s loving husband and is an admin superstar. He is also responsible for packing products and mailing them out to curly girls.

He looks after the business so that Shenara can focus on being on the salon floor helping curly girls unlock their full curl potential. He is also the person keeping Shenara hydrated and well fed.

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